Monday, 5 August 2013

The Wildflower Seed Bomb Workshop (Unstructured material) at SUPERNORMAL festival, 9-11th August 2013, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire

On Sunday 11th August 2013, The Wildflower Seed Bomb Workshop will be making SUPERNORMAL seedbombs!

Come along and get your hands dirty using natural clay and compost to mix, roll out and then cut your ‘SUPERNORMAL seedbomb’.

 Create your own slogan or message onto the surface of the seedbomb, and design your own wrapper using print blocks and art materials.

Make your mark on the landscape with non-invasive UK species of wild flowers:
Chuck place or plant your SUPERNORMAL seedbomb on the festival site, on wasteland in your local area, or in a back garden or pot and attract beneficial bees butterflies and insects to areas that need it most.

With kind permission from the team I have used this year’s  SUPERNORMAL logos as a starting point for the workshop- we will be making triangular seedbombs to match the illustrations!

A limited number of specially produced ‘SUPERNORMAL seedbomb’ wrappers, seedbomb mixture, wild flower seed packets, and artist’s multiples will be available on the day...


SUPERNORMAL is a three day, experimental arts and music festival at Braziers Park in Oxfordshire organised on a collective and entirely unpaid basis by a dedicated group of artists and musicians and offering a platform for artists, performers and musicians to work collaboratively and creatively for a new kind of audience.

“ It is determinedly small and intimate and has been born from a place that values the currency of ideas and imagination rather than commercialism and profit. The focus remains firmly rooted in art, environment and pushing boundaries, embracing difference whilst celebrating common cause.

SUPERNORMAL is intended to give the arts a far wider audience and artists a greater challenge than the usual artists’ residency or conventional Festival ‘with art attached’ ever can.”

For the first time, SUPERNORMAL has absolutely no external funding. They are 100% reliant on ticket sales to cover costs…

They are only a couple of hundred tickets away from a sell-out, but *have* to sell out to cover costs.

So, they need support and have issued this plea:

If you plan to come to Supernormal, please buy your ticket as soon as possible. This will make an enormous difference to us!

Whether you can make it this year or not, please help us spread the word at this crucial time. 

“Here’s to keeping something truly independent alive.

Here’s to breaking the mould.

Here’s to being SUPERNORMAL.”

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