Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Here is work-in-progress for one of my contributions to the Mend*RS Symposium.

“ Mend*RS is a Mending Research Symposium at Docker in South Cumbria, the first ever large-scale gathering dedicated to mending in the UK, with a series of events, publications and activist projects around mending from 29 June to 2 July, 2012. “

Swatches and samples for the signage for the site that I am working on.

The signs are being made using canvas scraps, natural resin-based emulsion, emulsion paint, food colouring (‘found’ materials- from the back of the kitchen cupboard), natural beeswax, recycled paper & found wool.

The Stencilled lettering has been created using ‘The Econasign Super Outfit’ sign writer’s set from 1928. 

They will be weatherproofed using natural beeswax and hand stitched eyelet holes will be added in keeping with the red wool eyelet design seen in the original Mend*RS logo.

They will be nailed and strapped into position on site to guide menders to their various activities.