Monday, 5 August 2013

Group Exhibition at Fallout Factory: Surface presents GAZE in liverpool

Fallout factory played host to the GAZE exhibition which was a fringe event for Liverpool's gay pride celebrations.

Fallout Factory, Dale Street, Liverpool is a community interest company that supports and promotes artists through exhibitions, commissions, residencies, and collaborative opportunities. 

The GAZE exhibition  that explored modern sexuality and LGBT identity through vibrant and fresh contemporary artwork produced by Artists from Stoke-on-Trent and the North West.

I displayed artwork in-keeping with the pride events  ‘superhero’ theme, displaying  original collages and screen print editions and multiples from the ‘Leave the city better than you found it’ series. These depict male and female characters carrying out DIY activity helping to improve daily experiences and the city environment . 

Famed prints, original collages and paintings with limited edition digital prints in the print rack

'leave the city better than you found it' Kate Lynch 2013
Signed and editioned screen printed postcard with natural pigment on 100% recycled card

'The old and the new', Kate Lynch 2013
Original collage with digital image, recycled paper & mono print

'Leave the city better than you found it', Kate Lynch 2013
Original collage with digital image, recycled paper and mono print (Sold)

‘Unconscious Unity’ layered print speaks of the individual, the ‘whole’, in relation to our culture, history, environment and interaction with others, and 'life as a Sainsbury's mushroom' paintings and collages on canvas are sensual and tactile.

'Unconscious Unity', Kate Lynch, 2012
Original layered digital print with laser-cut etch.
Also pictured: ceramics by Denise O'Sullivan

Life as a Sainsbury's mushroom', Kate Lynch, 2012
Collaged packaging & clay paint on canvas in a reclaimed frame.

Artists Russell Gregory, Marcus Wemyss, Denise O'Sullivan and Nicholas Franklin also displayed artworks that engaged with Liverpool's Gay community providing a visual dialogue around the city's gay pride event.

Russell Gregory & Denise O'Sullivan Ceramics

Kate Lynch & Marcus Wemyss
Kate Lynch shop products (editions & multiples)

Thanks to all who came along to support the exhibition and purchased work, and for those who showed great enthusiasm for both our involvement with the pride event and for the showcase of Stoke-on-Trent based artists in Liverpool.

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