Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Victorian 'Magic Lantern' concept development

After witnessing my first (and thrilling!) Victorian magic lantern show (Presented by full circle magic lantern show), at Middleport pottery, Stoke-on-Trent, on Tuesday 10th December, there seems to be many interesting similarities between the aesthetic, the format and the processes of my recent work and this antique media, which was prevously un-rearched at the deveplomental stage of this work.

Victorian slideshow image
Proposal image for installation projection work, 2012
Installation with projection from piano interior, Kate Lynch, 'Spheres of influene' exhibition, Marburae Gallery 2014

The resemblance to my work and proposal sketches is uncanny to say the least and has sparked interesting ideas for the development of this projection slideshow work utilising layered 20th century patterns sourced from the detritus of Stoke-on-Trent, since 2005. Building on concepts of layering, storytelling, reinvention and reinterpretation, and an alternative ‘archiving’ of images and motifs. The work deals with the historical, ancestral and archetypal; where the patterns are deconstructed, distorted and re-worked, commenting on the cyclic nature of trends within art & design history. Processes include both the physical removal of materials as a means of accessing history through ‘excavation’, and the application of print and paint directly onto surfaces to reveal visual histories.

Handmade slides, Kate Lynch 2012-2014

Previously, I have worked onto acetate with a focus on maker’s marks and distortion through the application of print, paint, transfer and layering processes in the development of slides and animations - utilising found image slides, handmade paper, corn starch cellophane and acetate. I now wish to experiment working directly onto glass and the format of the ‘slideshow’ will be explored further in terms of a layering and movement of images, accessing ‘hidden’ visual information and developing a relevant audience and collaborations; exploring a coming together of both images, community and the arts in one space/ performance to form a ‘whole’.

Victorian moving image slide. When in motion these are really impressive -  the Victorians beleived these to be 'fireworks'

Layered digital print constrcuted from found wallpaper and ceramic patterns, Kate Lynch 2010

Screen print, paper, acetate, found picture frame glass, Kate Lynch 2014

Screen print, paper, acetate, pins, Kate Lynch 2014

Screen print, paper, acetate, pins, Kate Lynch 2014

Screen print, paper, acetate, found newsprint collage. Mechanical card development. Kate Lynch 2014


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