Wednesday, 26 September 2012


The UNSTRUCTURED MATERIAL Tent is currently being exhibited as part of the Airspace Studio Show ’12- Airspace Gallery, no.4 Broad Street, Hanley. The exhibition will run until October 6th  - Tuesdays-Saturdays 11:00-17:00 - admission is free.

The Tent was first developed as part of the ‘Developing Small Encounters’ Research and development week which was facilitated by the Small Encounters Collective and Artist Adrian Howells, at MAC Birmingham in May 2012. The Tent is a transient and constantly changing piece, with content based on current research, intended to act as a physical ‘blog’ or sharing space.
Building the Tent framework

The Tent has become more structural for the Airspace Studio Show ’12, with a more solid framework, and hand stitched details. Future developments of the tent will aim to make the tent water and weather-proof for showing outdoors.

Hand-stitched details
The tent outdoors during a 'Small Encounter' performance at MAC Birmingham

Please click HERE to visit the Airspace Gallery Blog for a statement and more images of the work.

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  1. The tent looks wonderful set against the dry stone wall