Tuesday, 7 August 2012


I am currently working on preparations for the Sign making workshop day I am running at Farm2Grow care farm, situated in Wetley Rocks, Staffordshire Moorlands, this Thursday 9th August.

This morning I have been cutting, sanding and painting the reclaimed wood for the allotment plant labels which we will be printing text onto on the day.

I have also been cutting the fabric banners to size which we will be painting text directly onto.

Designs for the Farm2Grow banners

On the day we will explore the Farm2Grow site and design signs that are needed to guide visitors to areas of interest. We will be working on some road side banners to promote the farm and the open day event happening on 1st September 2012, to passers-by.

We will create a range of signs and banners using slate, wood and canvas, along with different experimental print techniques. We will mix some paints using natural pigments and use eco-friendly paints made from natural based ingredients such as clays and plant resins, along with some other interesting and unusual materials & techniques. You will learn how to create your own signs using scrap materials that you can go away to try at home.

The course is now fully booked for the day, I look forward to meeting those who are attending on Thursday.

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